How to Determine Which Test Is Best For You?

Use the guide below to figure out if you should take the SAT or ACT

Disclaimer: the process below is definitely time consuming and it may be even slightly annoying, but do your part early and when the time comes to apply to colleges, you will be glad you did!

Here is what I tell all my clients. Take a mock test for both tests.

SAT Mock Test

ACT Mock Test

You will need to dedicate about 3 hours for each test so you want to set aside two different weekends to take them. It is very important to simulate real testing environments: take it in one sitting, sit in a quiet place and time yourself.

After completing the tests, follow the instructions to compute a score and then use this handy-dandy guide to compare your scores. From there, it will be pretty easy to tell which test you did better on and that’s the one you want to prepare for! If your scores are in the same range for both of the tests, go with the test you felt more comfortable with.

As always, if you have any questions on what was mentioned here feel free to contact us directly at contact@staffsprep.com.