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STAFFS Prep offers mock exams at local schools so students can get a benchmark score before taking their first actual test.

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Why Take A Mock Exam?

We all know practice makes perfect, but we also know that it is hard to recreate the real standardized testing experience at home. Not only do we get your scores back to you within a week, but we also provide you with a diagnostic print out that tells you exactly what your areas of strength and weakness are.

To Start Planning

If you have never taken a full-length SAT or ACT before, then it is hard to know exactly what you should be studying. Our mock exams come with a diagnostic print out that lets you know exactly what you need to work on.

To Monitor Progress

Once you start preparing, it is just as important to see how you are improving. Taking a mock exam is the best way to know exactly where you are in your progress.

To Build Endurance

Practicing one section at a time is great, but that is only half the battle. The SAT/ACT is just as much about endurance and your ability to stay focused for a 4 hour test. The only way to improve endurance is by enduring a full-length test!

To Practice Realistically

Nothing beats realistic practice, especially when it is without the high stakes stress of the real thing. Our mock exams allow you to get the feel for the real exam, without posting an official score.