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The SAT is going Digital

In an effort to try to make the test more accessible, easier to administer, and more relevant to students/colleges, the Collegeboard has decided once again to redesign the SAT. These changes are happening soon, so here is what you need to know.


Let's start with when this is all happening.

What this means is that for any juniors and seniors who want to take advantage of all the prep content that is currently out there for the current format, you will need to try to take the test between Oct-Dec! After that, all test prep companies (including STAFFS Prep) will be switching over to teaching strategies for the new digital format.

What are the biggest changes?

New SAT or ACT?

With the new digital version of the SAT, it has become harder to decide whether to take the ACT or the SAT.

The old rule of thumb was students who are more Math/Science inclined would probably prefer the ACT, and students who were more Reading inclined would prefer the SAT. This is still probably true, since the ACT still has a much shorter Reading section (the ACT reading section is only 35 minutes long, whereas the SAT has 2 Reading modules that are 32 minutes each.) However, with the new format, there are no longer really long passages to read on the SAT. So students who get bored of reading long reading passages may actually prefer the amount of variation on the new test.

As always, the best way to choose is to take a practice test of each before you start prepping. Students can often tell very quickly which one they like better after just one practice test!