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When To Take The SAT?

Freshman Year

This is the year when you want to start adjusting to the more rigorous curriculum of High School.

Make sure to keep up with classes and take the PSAT if your school offers it. It won't count for anything, but it will be really good practice!

Sophomore Year

You will take the PSAT for the first time in October. The PSAT doesn't count this time around so just thing of it as practice for the real thing! It's also a good time to get the College Board Official SAT Book

Junior Year

Take your PSAT in October. Top scores qualify for the National Merit Scholarship.

Plan on taking your FIRST SAT sometime during your Junior Year. Keep in mind that most students take the test on average 2-3 times.

The SAT is offered during the following months: August, October, November, December, March, May and June.

If you are taking Pre-Calc as a Junior, you can prepare for either the November or December SAT.

If you are taking Algebra 2 or below as a Junior, it will probably work in your favor to wait till March to take the SAT for the FIRST time.

Take the SAT the second time in Spring of your Junior Year.

If you plan on taking SAT Subject tests, try to take them in May which will be around the same time as AP Exams. For example, if you are planning on taking the AP Biology exam which is in May, you can also take the SAT Subject Test in Biology in May.

Senior Year

Take advantage of the summer going into your senior year to prepare for your last SAT (if need be) either in August or October. Depending on the colleges you are applying to, you could potentially take the SAT in November or December of your senior year, though we reccommend trying to get it out of the way in October.

College Application deadlines usually start approaching late November onwards so make sure to plan ahead.

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